Tennessee Bio-Medical Waste Compliance

Medical Waste Disposal Quote
Medical Waste Disposal Services of Tennessee (MWT) is proud to remove bio-hazard waste across our Home State. Our business is providing compliant medical waste services.MWT works closely with Health Care Providers Large and small to provide cost-effective Medical Waste management solutions with the highest level of customer service. In addition to a we provide recycling solutions and OSHA compliance training to our customers.

About Us

At Medical Waste Disposal of TN our first priority  is our customers. We a focus on being local, customized, and affordable.   We provide local personnel that focus on the highest quality of service and compliance for our clients. 

Why Us?

We have two priorities: our customers and Medical Waste regulatory compliance. That’s why our containers, personnel, equipment, and treatment protocols exceed all state and federal regulations providing our clients the Peace of Mind they deserve. We go beyond compliance… it’s our responsibility.  

Low Price Guarantee

We offer the lowest Medical Waste Disposal service prices in Tennessee,but our Client Benefit Package goes way beyond low service prices. We offer savings through all facets of the waste management process with simple, transparent billing – no additional charges or confusing statements.